Cryptic World!

Paragraph typed on a mildly hot day, from a gradually constructed Medicalopolis, way upstream of an abyssal fan, hosted on a platform closer to a golden "red" Bridge on a shallow estuary, 2021

In the somewhat feasible algorithmic worldbuilding of crypto and big tech / big governance, if holistic gyms could pair with formalized economy travel agencies, with the rotating crews seen in the encompassing institutions we see today such as universities (which could short term train for high-level national gig works) and hospitals (which could be communal interactive health spaces), while we had automated harvester/mining pipelines and instead of social media, solely discussion boards for specializing for sharing machine designs and optimizing material sources such as silicon/hydrogen to bid on, long term investors for large projects, we could have mitigated the generational effects of worldwide recessions. So it goes, what can you do, bit by bit, balance it out, have faith in ultimately non-unique personal experiences and in the proliferating effects of what you do, physics is as physics does. Adding to the Milly views of parasociality.